Tech Graal

GRAAL TECH (Info for russian artists)


Entry wall - in front of the bar (7m)

wall with window (4m)

podium space (3.5m) (4.5m - Height 7m))


Podium space

wall with large painting is 4m50 W 12m H

StairwayTrap to first floor

6m running along stairway

First floor Balconry

Wall (7m) view Right

First floor upper level KNHO space

Wall (7m) + wall (4m)

CAVE (to garden)

1 wall (4m)


Wall (7m) view Left + back wall (4m)

Wall (7m) + wall (4m) + wall (4m)

Wall (wall with window) (3m)

4 more walls (no picture yet)

2 x 3m long & 2 x 1m20 long

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