Presentation WdA

Presentation Introducing ARTACT4/WdA2019



Weekend des Arts

27 sept. Opening - preview - vernissage (on invitation only)

28-29 Sept. Open for all between 11-20h



International contemporary art festival






Annual international art festival with focus on visual arts extended with installation, land art and conceptual art forms.

Our only guideline are that 1) presented artworks are of high quality with which we mean art for contemporary galeries or editions

and 2) reflects the aim of a true artist.


We aim to exhibit art and not (mass) culture.

The festival houses in a small village south of Namur and 8km from the french border at Givet. On year base several spaces are often invested with arts and a few others join only for the time of the art festival. Actualy a total of 9 spaces are running up.


New to this edition : some spaces (GRAAL, Church, Old School and Séchoir) are operated by curators. In total autonomy.




We offer space and walls to exhibit free. As we own all those places we have nearly no costs except the promotional ones, this is how we keep it running

thru the years.


Artists have to participate at their own transport costs and are asked to be present for the weekend and opening preview friday evening.

The accomodation for showing is present as are 2 projectors for video screening (if needed). All sales are under full responability of the artworks owner.


We have several options in the village for housing people during the weekend.




We are at our 4th edition without counting another 3 editions of the Art Débridé festival of the early 2000’s.


Visitors range is rising by the year. The 2018 edition saw +500 people walking by. As we aim to present high quality we reach the art minded people and less the occassional visitor lost on any sunday.

New this year will be the preview opening night on friday. Only on invitation and for selected art influencers (galerie owners, collectors and staff of culture centers, organisers …), local and national media and artists & friends.


Promotion & Media


2 A6 flyers are printed announcing the festival months ahead. The second one includes the name of the artists. 2x1000 copies

1 A3 poster for regional window publicity printed (end may). 500 copies

1 A2 collector poster. 100 copies

Several limited edition silkscreen posters


We have a running website and active facebook page.


Radio & tv are informed and warmed up to be present for interviews with the artists.


We gear promotion up by the end of july.





Werner Pans

9 rue du monument

5560 Mesnil-Eglise Belgium

(32) 475 246 245



Copyright @ All rights reserved by each artist personally.

Local art portal idea by Hans Vos and Werner Pans (web concept WP)