Rus Red Corner


Commissaires Alexandra Migunova - Tikhanyuk & Irina Litvinova  (Rus)


Alexandra Migunova-Tikhanyuk


Irina Litvinova

Evgenija Laptova

Sasha Artamonova


The Red Corner / Red Corner

Red - "the most Russian color", the victorious wedge - "the most Russian form." These fragments of recognizable “national texture” have become an integral part of the myth of themselves.

The red corner is a universal cultural and ideological marker associated with the art of the last century. Immediately I recall the history of the sacred "red corner" in which the "Black Suprematic Square" found itself, and the avant-garde visual policy in general: from programmatic simplification of form in the context of a modernist project to its ironic paraphrase inside unofficial art.

The “red corner”, understood as a symbolic altar, was replaced by a “red corner” of propaganda and educational work with the civilian population. In these cultural paradoxes there is both an appeal to religious metaphysics, and an attempt to go beyond the boundaries of the great historical and cultural background, a shift to the everyday, unsightly, ugly.